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In Which Dudley Defeats Voldemort with Hocus Pocus
For some reason, today I got thinking again about a old theory one of my friends proposed back before the Harry Potter series ended which is possibly the most creative I've ever heard. I think it was after Half-Blood Prince came out, and J.K. Rowling was hinting that there might not be such an easy happy ending in the 7th book.

So my friend said that Harry killing Voldemort would be too easy. She suggested, instead, that Harry will die and that Dudley will turn out to be a wizard. Back in I think the 3rd book there was a scene in which Harry told Dudley he was planning to set a bush on fire and yelled a bunch of cliche magic words, one of them being 'Hocus Pocus', which my friend believed was a genuine spell if only coupled with the current wand movement. Thus, she theorised that Voldemort shall be defeated by Dudley taking up Harry's wand, remembering that spell, and casting Hocus Pocus with the current movement.

...maybe this could be a fic prompt?


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