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Random tumblr question
So, I just started browsing tumblr, and generally just scroll through a fandom or pairing tag. Except, recently that I've noticed that when I go to a specific person's blog and go through their tag, I see quite a lot of posts which I don't see when I browse the (same) general tag on tumblr (I first noticed this when I saw in some personal blogs that requests I'd made had been filled, which I hadn't noticed following the general tag).

Is this just a glitch? Am I on the wrong tag? Is there any way to see everything?

Anyone know the answer? I'm bad at new websites...

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(Deleted comment)
Actually, I think I figured it out. Tag searches automatically block NSFW blogs, and you have to click a little lock picture to view all content. Except said NSFW filtering isn't very accurate... Thanks anyway :-)

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