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I think like Dan Brown ...a little
Reading 'Inferno' by Dan Brown and am totally stoked I got one of the clues! And in fact, I used it myself a few years ago (...sort of).

[Spoiler (click to open)]Just got up to the clue "cerca trova" which mean "seek" and "find," hidden on a Italian fresco which is rumoured to hide Leonardo da Vinci's 'Battle of Anghiari,' a famous supposedly lost painting.

And I totally knew it! Also for an art exhibition a few years ago I inked "cerca trova" on the side of the canvas on my submission as a reference.

And I also knew from the start he wasn't saying "very sorry."

Ha. I know more than least one of the characters.

*now back to reading*

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I like Dan Brown too

*feels ashamed*

Well I don't read his stuff as a great work of literature, and I well accept that most historical and religious stuff is pure fiction. But it's always a lot of fun!

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