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Any Aussies around?
Something that I found on my harddrive today, a 'tv show review' cooked up years ago as a satirical article.

Ah, the in-jokes...

Taking on from such programs as Border Security and The Force which take you into the backroom of our security and justice systems, GO!’s new reality television show provides an exclusive insight into the most top secret, the most cryptic, the most brutal organisation of all: the Australian government.

Jump behind the backbenchers with the camera crew and see the underhand dealings that make our country great. The parliament is a complex net of egotism, self aggrandisement, and ulterior motives. With every politician focusing so much of his or her energy on the very important and extremely delicate motions of making themselves as popular as possible while doing as little as they can, it’s no wonder that they sometimes make a few minor errors like budget miscalculations that result in thousands losing their promised rebates.

“It’s not easy,” advised one minister who prefers to remain anonymous. “In fact, I’d say it’s one of the most dangerous industries out there.”

“Indeed it is,” confirmed another as he rubbed absentmindedly at the scar on his back. “Even when you think you’re going well, you never know when there’s a red waiting behind you with a knife – and I’m not talking about commies.”

So, if you’re feeling patriotic or just up for some harmless dishonesty, tune in to The Prime Minister and I on Thursdays at 7:30 for your weekly fix of double dealings and false promises. Get the inside story on the workings of our leaders and maybe move that one little step closer to explain that one superhuman quality that all politicians seem to possess: the ability to disappear from existence when not reading about themselves in the paper. Happy watching!

~ Written by your friendly neighbourhood Detailed Programmatic Specificity Reviewer who is always moving forward


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